Attendwise offers various services, some free while others are optional extras.

We offer you tailor-made support and services

We believe that customer support and services are just as important as offering a great technical event platform. Therefore, we offer you various forms of support and services in addition to our event platform. We begin our journey by giving you relevant advice on how to use the event tech for your specific purpose at your event.

We offer you a free personal introduction and free support in the administration system, and you get of course access to the user manual. As an option, we offer priority support, onsite support, and a ready-to-use solution ready for implementation if you wish us to create the content on your behalf.

We offer various types of services such as:

Project-related and technical sparring

Sparring with you in relation to your event and specific needs for an event system

Support in the administration system

Support in the administration system by telephone, e-mail, and ticket system

Creation and implementation

Creating your solution with basic information and content templates

User manual and guidelines

Access to the user manual and different guidelines

Ready-to-use solution

Option to get us to create your content for a ready-to-use solution to implement

Onsite support during your event

Onsite support with the presence of a technically knowledgeable person

You get free services and the option of additional purchases:

Free accompanying services

We start with a good sparring session aimed at your event, before you decide whether ConferenceCommunicator is for you. We then quickly create your license and provide a free personal introduction to the system.

We then provide free support in the administration system via call and e-mail, as well as a ticket system when you need this. You will of course have access to the user manual, instructions, and video guides. As well as the opportunity to form your own internal Q & A.

Possible additional services

You can opt for different targeted services. As extra support in the administration, if there are more of you who want personal sparring and support (but remember that regardless, you can create all the administrators you want for free).

You can get priority support, which is telephone support during your event for an extended period of time, or onsite support with a technically knowledgeable person on site. You can also get a fully implemented solution, where we e.g. create a finished event app.

What do our customers say about us - about our level of service?

Quick response to inquiries

 - We experience Attendwise as a supplier that responds quickly to our inquiries and input. This makes it easy for us to move forward, which is of outmost importance.

Taja Lindby, Senior Consultant, "Dansk Fjernvarme"

Great customer support 

 - We have experienced a really good support from day 1 and we can easily get in touch with the team. Attendwise makes event tech easy to understand. 

Mette Aarup, Project Manager at "Kursuslex"

Satisfied with the collaboration

 - We are extremely satisfied with the collaboration with Attendwise. Service and support are top notch. If there is a technical challenge, it gets solved!

Anne Platz Kjeldgaard, Head of Sales and Finance in "Dansk HR"

Se mere her

Should we talk about our event platform and services?

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