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Save time in event planning and increase participant engagement with ConferenceCommunicator

ConferenceCommunicator Event Management Platform is for Event Planners and Event Managers who want to save time in event planning, and to improve communication and increase event attendee engagement. Also to provide increased business opportunity for exhibitors and sponsors, and to give the opportunity for matchmaking, meetings and networking for all attendees.

ConferenceCommunicator is well suited for all professional events such as conferences, exhibitors, business events, employee events and courses. We offer many optional modules and features such as Event Website, Registration System, Event App and Business Matchmaking. We also offer various services such as customer support and onsite support.


With ConferenceCommunicator all-in-one event system, we offer your advantages such as:

Modular event system

Select the modules in the event system that you need: 1, 2, 3...8. Expand if necessary

Plug & Play event system

Get started with the event system immediately after purchase

Data across modules

Gain the advantage of using one event system with data consistency

Templates and copyable

Create your own templates with easy copying and editing for the next event

Event branding

Brand your event with colors, fonts, images, URL address, email domain, white label app

Control of personal data

Process personal data in accordance with GDPR - technically and organizationally

With ConferenceCommunicator we offer access to modules and features such as:

Creation of license and content

We create your license with event-templates to get you started. We also offer you a full event app or registration site ready for implementation.

Support in administration

We offer easily accessible support in the administration system. We are ready by phone and e-mail, both before, during and after your event.

Priority and onsite support

We offer priority support with extended telephone hours or onsite support with the presence of a technically employee during your event.

Quick response to inquiries

 - We experience Attendwise as a supplier that responds quickly to our inquiries and input. This makes it easy for us to move forward, which is of outmost importance.

Taja Lindby, Senior Consultant, "Dansk Fjernvarme"

Great customer support 

 - Attendwise makes event tech easily to understand. We have experienced a really good support from day 1 and we can easily get in touch with the team. 

Mette Aarup, Project Manager at "Kursuslex"

Satisfied with the collaboration

 - We are extremely satisfied with the collaboration with Attendwise. Service and support are top notch. If there is a technical challenge, it gets solved!

Anne Platz Kjeldgaard, Head of Sales and Finance in "Dansk HR"

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