What do our customers say about ConferenceCommunicator and about us?

It is of course important that our customers are happy with the ConferenceCommunicator event platform, and equally important that they are satisfied with our services. Since both technology and service help them plan and hold good events.

We are therefore incredibly happy about our customers' feedback and statements. As well as their desire to contribute with cases, as examples of how they use ConferenceCommunicator for their events.

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Be inspired of the use of ConferenceCommunicator from our customer case with "Kursuslex":

Kursuslex uses ConferenceCommunicator for the Meeting & Event Fair and the Meeting & Event Day

Since 1997, Kursuslex has held the Meeting & Event Fair, which is held every year in Copenhagen. It is one of the Nordic countries' largest fairs for meeting and event planners with approx. 200 exhibitors and more than 1000 professional meeting and event planners.

The fair contains an extensive exhibition with, among other things, suppliers within hotels and conference venues, event agencies, team building and registration systems and event apps. The fair also offers guests several inspiring lectures from both people in the field of professional and personal development. As well as workshops with various actors within the event industry.

Kursuslex also holds Meeting & Event Day, a similar but smaller fair, in Aarhus to give participants from the eastern side of Denmark the opportunity to meet the many exhibitors. Attendwise is itself an exhibitor at both fairs and has been for many years.

Since 2021, Attendwise has collaborated with Kursuslex to deliver the ConferenceCommunicator event platform for handling the Meeting & Event Fair in Copenhagen, as well as the Meeting & Event Day in Aarhus. With ConferenceCommunicator, Kursuslex collects registrations and prints name tags onsite. As well as communicating about the fairs via the event app and offering exhibitors to use the Lead App Scanner for collecting leads.



Kursuslex approves the registrations with the Registration System

For Kursuslex, it is important that in the registration process of new fair visitors they can approve or politely reject them. This is to ensure that relevant trade fair visitors come to the Meeting & Event Fair.

Fair visitors reserve a place when they register. Kursuslex looks through the registrations on the participant list, from which they quickly form an overview, and either approves (registers) or rejects the requests.

They sign up or reject several at once via the quick overview the system gives them and send e-mails with confirmation to all those they approve. As well as polite rejection emails to those they don't approve.

Kursuslex invites "known" fair visitors with invitation emails

Since many of Kursuslex fair visitors return year after year, Kursuslex makes use of the ConferenceCommunicator invitation system. They send out an e-mail invitation with information about the fair and with a direct link to the guests' registration with pre-filled master data.

The invited fair visitors simply have to fill in the rest of the registration fields and register, after which they automatically receive a confirmation email.

Via the ConferenceCommunicator message system, Kursuslex can easily sort to whom they send e-mails to. In doing so, they are of course only sending out a friendly reminder to those who have not yet registered.

What is Kursuslex particularly happy about the collaboration?

What Kursuslex particularly emphasizes about our collaboration is that we provide good support, are easy to get hold of, and make technology easy to understand.

- Attendwise makes it so that everyone can understand what the ConferenceCommunicator system can do. ConferenceCommunicator is a very efficient and user-friendly system, and covers our needs within registration, registration, printing of name tags and Event App, in connection with our fairs.

- We will continue the collaboration, as from day 1 we have experienced really good support and training from the team. We can easily and quickly get in touch with the team, and they are open and helpful towards further development of the system, says Project Manager Mette Aarup.

Be inspired of the use of ConferenceCommunicator from our customer case with "Dansk Fjernvarme" og "Fjernvarmens Informationsfond":

Danish District Heating and the District Heating Information Fund digitize the annual National Meeting

Danish District Heating is the district heating branch organization and covers 99% of district heating production in Denmark. District Heating Information’s fund specializes in communication and marketing for the district heating industry and strengthens district heating's position on the energy market. They collaborate to hold the annual large National Meeting.

The national meeting primarily attracts members but is also visited by many other players in the energy and supply industry. The number of participants each year is approx. 2100 participants. At the national meeting, the participants get the latest knowledge within the industry with a new theme each year within district heating and energy. The national meeting program is always packed with exciting speakers and inspiring speeches. Mayors and municipal directors as well as various other leading figures from the energy sector are among the participants.

While Danish District Heating focuses on planning in relation to the program and attracting their members, District Heating Information’s fund is responsible for planning and execution in connection with the exhibitors, who are suppliers to district heating companies.

Attendwise has collaborated with both parties since 2017 and provides an overall Event App, Registration system for participant import and participant lists, message system, Onsite printing of name tags, Lead App Scanner and TaskCommunicator - including stand booking.

Danish District Heating’s National Meeting is digitized with the Event App

In 2017, Danish District Heating chose to switch from their thick printed program catalog, which they sent by post, to offering easy access to all information about the National Meeting via the ConferenceCommunicator Event App.

They had several times experienced program changes close to the holding of the national meeting, as they have quite a few busy politicians as presenters. Now with the digital program in the app, they can quickly adjust and adapt changes that take effect immediately.

They present the program in a clear way with the possibility for the participants to create their own personal program. As well as showing the exhibitor list and stand plan and other useful information.


District Heating Information’s fund automates the booking of stands

District Heating Information’s fund uses TaskCommunicator to automate the acquisition of material from the exhibitors and ordering of stands. It saves them a lot of time as it is usually a very heavy process.

With regard to the booth bookings, the exhibitors used to call from 6.00 in the morning on the 1st order day according to the "first-come, first-served" principle. Now the exhibitors order their stands directly in TaskCommunicator, from which they see the stand specifications incl. price before they order.

You can order one or more booths next to each other or in different locations. You can see which seats are occupied, as well as who has the neighboring booths.

Why are Danish District Heating and District Heating Information’s fund happy about the collaboration?

- It is positive that every year there are so many participants who download the app and have expressed joy in using it. We experience Attendwise as a supplier that responds quickly to our inquiries and input, which is very important for the planning of the national meeting, says Senior Consultant Taja Adelie Lindby Skak, Danish District Heating.

- With TaskCommunicator, we make it easier both for the exhibitors and for us, that we automate the collection of the material and the booking of the booth. Digitization and automation save us a lot of time and manual work, at the same time as professionalization, says Project Manager Connie Sørensen, District Heating Information’s fund.

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