Create relevant meetings between your exhibitors and fair visitors with Exhibitor Meeting Booking

With ConferenceCommunicator Exhibitor Meeting Booking you contribute to relevant meetings between your exhibitors and fair visitors. You encourage your fair visitors to prepare before the fair, where they read about the exhibitors and pre-book meetings with those, they want to meet via the event app or the website. Both fair visitors and exhibitors receive a complete meeting schedule and are ready to meet at the fair.

Why offer exhibitor meeting booking for your fair?

Your main task as a trade fair organizer is to create the framework for mutual value creation for trade fair visitors and exhibitors. Here, it is important that it is the relevant fair visitors who come by and engage in dialogue with the exhibitors.

You can facilitate such meetings via a meeting booking system. Through this, fair visitors can pre-book meetings with the right exhibitors, so that before the fair they have a plan for who they want to make sure to meet. In this way, the exhibitors can also prepare for who they will be meeting with. This increases the chance of relevant meetings at the fair.

With ConferenceCommunicator Exhibitor Meeting Booking you get benefits such as:

Complete meeting booking system

Exhibitor information, timetable, meeting plan, messages, acceptance/rejection

Flexible meeting booking

Offer meeting booking via registration site, website, and event app

Save time in planning

Save time by using Exhibitor Meeting Booking, which generates a meeting plan for you

Have the overview

Have an overview of the number of accepted meetings between fair visitors and exhibitors

Keep control of personal data

Only share trade show visitors' contact data at accepted meetings

Platform independent

Provide access to Meeting booking via web browser, Android, and iPhone (smartphone/tablet)

With ConferenceCommunicator Exhibitor Meeting Booking you get functions such as:

Exhibitor form

Obtain the exhibitor information via form so that they create the information themselves

Meeting booking site

Offer fair visitors easy booking of meetings with the exhibitors via web and app

Message system

Let the participants message the exhibitors and let the exhibitors write back if they refuse

Timetable and meeting plan

Easily create the available times and avoid double booking with Exhibitor Meeting Booking

Offer exhibitors and participants an easy process with ConferenceCommunicator Exhibitor Meeting Booking:

Invite to easy meeting booking for both fair visitors and exhibitors

Make it easy for both your fair visitors and exhibitors to meet during your fair. Exhibitors submit information such as company description, contact information and logo via an exhibitor form. The system generates an exhibitor list with all the submitted information, which is displayed on the meeting booking site and possibly Event App and Event Website.

Fair visitors book meetings with the exhibitors they wish to visit. The exhibitors receive notification of the interest, and they accept or reject the meetings directly via the system.

Offer easy overview and avoidance of double bookings

With ConferenceCommunicator Exhibitor Meeting Booking, you offer easy meeting booking with dates and times in a way where double booking is not possible. Exhibitors choose the times they are available for meetings during the fair.

Fair visitors choose the time that suits them and book the meeting. After accepting the meetings and at a specific date that you set, the system generates a complete meeting schedule for the fair visitors and exhibitors with times and contact data.


Use Exhibitor Meeting Booking as a plug-in for Registration and Event App

ConferenceCommunicator Exhibitor Meeting booking provides the greatest value for you, your exhibitors, and fair visitors if you also use the ConferenceCommunicator Registration System and/or Event App. Fair visitors can book meetings with the exhibitors via the Meeting Booking website, the Event App, and the ConferenceCommunicator Event Website.

Fair visitors can see their personal meeting schedule in the Event App and Event Website. But you don't need to have access to all parts. You can also use Business Matchmaking to create relevant meetings between exhibitors and fair visitors. Contact us for a dialogue about your needs. Contact Jeannette if you are interested in Exhibitor Meeting Booking

Contact Jeannette if you are interested in Exhibitor Meeting Booking

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