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Give your attendees easy access to all event information with ConferenceCommunicator Event App

With the ConferenceCommunicator Event and Conference App, you gather all information about your event in one place. You offer the participants easy access to the program, practical information, presentations, participant list, exhibitor list, exhibitor plan and evaluation. You increase attendee engagement with online questions and voting. You use the event app for your conference, exhibition, employee event, course, or networking event.

Why use an event app for your event?

Regardless of the type of event, you can benefit from using an event app to, literally, get into the pockets of your participants, employees, trade fair visitors and exhibitors. With a flexible event app, you can present your content as you wish. And if you have changes, it takes effect immediately.

If you are holding a professional conference with an extensive program, you can use an event app to make the program clear and personal. If you hold a trade fair, you can use an event app to promote the exhibitors, while also showing the program for your presentations.

With the ConferenceCommunicator Event App you get benefits such as:

Collection of information

Collect all information about your event in one place via your Event App

Flexible communication

Communicate exactly what you want and what is relevant for your event

Sustainable communication

Replace the (thick) printed program with the digital program in an event app

Increase participant involvement

Increase participant engagement with online questions and online voting

Own branding

Brand your event app in your colors. Get any your own branded white label app

Platform independent

Give access to your event app for Android and iPhone users (+ mobile site)

With the ConferenceCommunicator Event App, you get access to functions such as:

Menu items and content

Customize and design your event app with menus, icons, images, and content

Practical information

Show practical information such as transport and hotel in a clear way

Personal program

Show the program in days, tracks, and themes. And offer a personalized program

Participant and presenter list

Show the participant list with chat option and the presenter list with abstract

Online questions and voting

Involve the participants with online questions and online voting via the event app

Notes and material

Allow participants to write notes and download material

Push and SMS messages

Send push messages and text messages via the app when you want to inform about new things

Online evaluation

Get an easy online evaluation of your event via the event app

Banner advertising

Promote exhibitors and sponsors with banner advertising in the event app

Exhibitor list and stand plan

Present the exhibitors in an exhibitor list and interactive stand plan in the event app

What do our customers think of the Event App?

Dynamic planning

- We are very satisfied with the event app. With the app, we have dynamic planning where we can change the program and premises, also during the conference, and the participants are immediately updated.

Sten Bønsing, Aalborg University

Very simple and user-friendly

- We offer visitors access to the event app, so they can get an easy and quick overview of the program and list of exhibitors. The event app is very simple and user-friendly.

Anne Platz Kjeldgaard, Danish HR

Huge download of the event app

- The event app is downloaded by >90% of the attendees and used extensively. Since we often experience program changes, it is smart that the digital programme easily can be adaptet to the changes.

Taja Lindby, Dansk Fjernvarme

How much does the ConferenceCommunicator Event App cost?

Price examples for Event App (dkk excl.VAT)*

 < 500   participants/year:  DKK 19.995,-
 < 1000 participants/year:  DKK 24.995,-
 < 2000 participants/year:  DKK 29.995,-

*Excl. banner advertising, digital competition, and white label app.

The license price is based on the total number of participants in one year, with the option to use the event app for several events annually.

The price includes free support for a super user as well as unlimited administrator accounts. We offer a significant discount for the simultaneous purchase of Registration System with Premium License.

Do you want to know more about the ConferenceCommunicator Event App?

If you want to know in a little more detail what you can do with the ConferenceCommunicator Event App, read on below. Or are you more curious about our Q & A for frequently asked questions about the Event App? Then click on "See Q & A".

See Q & A


Collect all your information in one place and get it in the pocket of the participants

With the ConferenceCommunicator Event App, you collect all useful information about your event in one place and communicate right into the pocket of your participants. They get easy access to information such as practical information, program, list of participants, list of exhibitors and material.

With the event app, you offer the participants their personal event tool. With personal program and personal exhibitor list, as well as the option to take notes during presentations. As well as linking the profile picture to the participant list and the possibility to chat with the others.

Give access to everyone and ensure updated content

With the ConferenceCommunicator Event App, you ensure that all your participants have access to your event content, as the app is platform independent. Participants download the event app to their Android or iPhone smartphone, and they can also view the content via the mobile site.

The big advantage is that as soon as you have created the content, it is available in the event app. Also when you make changes to the program. You can even time the content and e.g. ensure that the evaluation only becomes available in the app when the event is over.

Show program divided into days and tracks and make it personal

You typically show the program divided into days, tracks, and workshops. And you give the participants the opportunity to sort the program according to your themes.

The participants create their own personal program in the event app, while at the same time having a full overview of the overall program. In the administration, you can see statistics on the selected program points, so you can easily distribute the rooms according to your choice.

Increase participant involvement and engagement with online questions and polling

You increase participant involvement and engagement via the event app with online questions and online voting before, during and after your event. The participants can ask questions directly via the event app, which are either displayed immediately or which you approve beforehand.

The questions can be shown both in the app and on the big screen. You create all the online polls you want. You either show the result directly in the app or on the big screen during your event.

Nudge your fair visitors around the exhibition

With the ConferenceCommunicator Event App, you nudge your trade fair visitors around the trade fair hall to the relevant exhibitors. They can read about each exhibitor in the exhibitor list and create their personal exhibitor list, as well as see where they stand via the stand plan.

You can extend the experience with a digital competition, where fair visitors are nudged around collecting points by scanning QR codes. They can receive prizes, such as white papers and webinars or physical gifts, possibly from exhibitors and sponsors.


Promote your exhibitors and sponsors

With the ConferenceCommunicator Event App, you offer your exhibitors and sponsors increased visibility. With offers for banner ads in the event app, possibly divided into bronze, silver and gold sponsors.

You display extended information about your exhibitors and sponsors in the event app with text, images, contact information and a link to their website. If you also use MødeBooking, fair visitors can book meetings with exhibitors and sponsors via the app.

Show participant list, presenter list and exhibitor list

You show the participant list in the app if it is ok according to your GDPR rules. Typically, you ask the participants for their consent, and you often only show a few contact details. Participants can attach their profile picture if they wish.

You also show a presenter and exhibitor list with picture and information, as well as links to external websites. Participants can even create their personal exhibitor list with their "favorite" exhibitors.

Send e-mail, SMS, and push messages with news

With the ConferenceCommunicator message system, you send messages as an e-mail with a link to download the event app, and push messages or text messages when you have something new to say, possibly about changes in the program.

You send the messages immediately or schedule them, which means you can plan when your messages should be sent out. As a welcome and "thank you for today".

Brand your event app and get developed own white label app

You naturally brand your own event app with your own colors, fonts, images, and icons. If you want it to be your very own event app that the participants download, then yes, we can offer to develop a white label event app with its own loader screen and splash icon.

If your participants download the ConferenceCommunicator Event App, then they will quickly find your event app via your self-selected event ID.

Manage and copy your event app

Via the ConferenceCommunicator administration system, you set up your event app with just the menu items and content you want. You start from the system's template, from which you can easily edit to tailor your event app - and copy to the next event.

Data is naturally connected in ConferenceCommunicator, and you transfer the participant list, presenter list and exhibitor list to the event app from the system's registration system, TaskCommunicator or import the lists via Excel.

See Q & A for frequently asked questions about our Event App

Q & A for the ConferenceCommunicator Event App - frequently asked questions

Many event organizers have the same questions about our Event App. Questions that are completely natural to ask as part of the survey about the ConferenceCommunicator Event App can be a solution to their needs.

Below we outline the questions and answers that we often receive and give. Perhaps you can be inspired, and finally contact us with specific questions for your needs (tel.: 70 230 234 or e-mail at kontakt@attendwise.com).

1. Can I get the ConferenceCommunicator event app in my own colors, images, and logo?

You will of course get your event app in your own colors and possibly font, as well as image and logo. If you hold several events that have different color expressions, you can set up the different apps in different colors.


2. What does a white label app really mean?

A white label app is your version of our event app. This means that we develop your app with its own splash icon and loader screen, where participants download your event app and not ConferenceCommunicator. It only has significance for your branding and marketing. Your event app contains the same functions as the ConferenceCommunicator event app.


3. Can I set up my event app just as I want?

Yes of course. You tailor your event app the way you want it. With content, menu items, functions, icons, and images. You only show the content that is relevant to your event, and you only use the functions that you want. You show e.g. only notes and online questions under program items if you think the participants should have these options. You can create your own app for your conference, employee event, fair, customer-supplier event, or networking event.


4. How do participants get access to their personal program in the event app?

If you want the participants to be able to create their own personal program, yes, then the participants just need to add the program item to their personal program. You typically use the function when you have several tracks or workshops in the same time period. You can choose that the participants may only tag one program item in the same session, so you avoid "double booking".


5. Can I set up an online evaluation via the event app?

Yes, you can set up one or more online evaluations that you make available through the ConferenceCommunicator Event App. And you can send a link to the online evaluation via the website if you prefer. You can ask the participants to answer on a scale between 1 and 5, or 1 and 10. They can also choose from several options via the drop-down menu and answer in the form of text. You can time-control the content and plan for the evaluation to be made available immediately after the end of your event.


6. How can I increase participant involvement via the event app?

You can engage and involve the participants with online questions and online voting live during your event as part of presentations and panel debates. But you can also use voting and questions before the event itself for earlier involvement. You can use digital competition to nudge your participants and trade fair visitors around the exhibition and trade fair area.


7. When will my content and changes take effect in the app?

When you create content in the event app, it becomes available to the participants immediately. Also changes. Unless you deliberately choose that some of the content should only be displayed later, such as online evaluation. You can time control all content.


8. What kind of app statistics can I see?

Via the administration system, you can see how many participants have downloaded the app and from which devices (Android, iPhone, web). You can see statistics on your content, which gives you an insight into the participants' interests in your specific app content.

You can see statistics on the participants' choice of their personal program, which gives you information on how many participants intend to attend the various tracks and workshops. It gives you a tool for any to change premises.


9. Can my participants register for workshops and tracks directly via the app?

Yes, your participants can register for a program point through the event app. Typically you use this if you want a "real" registration for a track or workshop where participants register with their email address.

Participants can then easily add the registered program item to their personal program. If the participants were to register for a track or workshop via the registration system (and not via the app), the participants can also in this case easily add their registered program point via the registration system to their personal program in the event app.


10. Can I limit the number of available places for my workshop or track?

Yes, you can make a maximum number of places available for your workshop or track when the participants can register via the event app. When the places are used up, yes, participants can of course no longer register for this program point.


11. What kinds of messages can I send out in connection with using my event app?

You can send e-mail messages, push messages, and SMS messages. The latter depends on you purchasing additional text messages from our business partner for these text messages. You can send the messages immediately after you write them, or you can schedule and time the messages to go out at a specific time.


12. Can I display all my sent push messages somewhere in the app?

You can collect the display of all your push messages in one place in the event app. Because even if the push messages continuously pop up on the participants' screen when you choose to send them, there is a risk that some of the participants will miss the messages. Therefore, you can use a menu item in the app which ensures that all the push messages you have sent are displayed.


13. Do the participants (really) want to download an event app?

Yes, most participants like it. Some organizers have downloads between 80-90%. But of course you have to make sure that the value proposition for them is clear, where you tell them what they will get out of downloading your event app.


14. What does it mean that the event app is platform independent?

We offer that your participants and exhibitors can download the ConferenceCommunicator Event App for both Android and iPhone - smartphone or tablet. And the content can be displayed as a mobile site. This means that you can target as many participants as possible with your communication via an event app.


15. Can I set up and use several event apps in one year?

You choose whether you use the ConferenceCommunicator Event App for one or more events in a year. The price depends on the total number of participants (in intervals) in a year. This means that you decide for yourself how many events you want to use an event app for. If you e.g. have purchased access to 1000 participants, you can, for example, hold one event with 1000 participants, or two events with 500 each, or 10 events with 100 participants each.


16. Can I create an app template and copy the content from one event app to another?

Yes, you can of course copy and edit in your events app for easy setup. You typically create your first event app based on the system's app template. You then copy your own app template for the next event. Regardless of whether you use an event app once a year, or whether you use several event apps in a year.


17. Can I create my program in an Excel sheet and import into the administration system?

You can create your program in our Excel template for the app program. This is particularly an advantage for those of you who have an extensive program. You create both the program points themselves, times, place, themes, and presenters.

You then import the program into the administration system, and of course you can continuously import again when you have new things or changes. But if you have a simpler program, it can be just as easy for you to create the program directly in the app via the administration system.


18. Can I also show the app content in English - and can I show both a Danish and an English-language app?

You can choose whether you want to display your app content in Danish or English - or both. You simply tell the system which language it should be in, and then the language comes through with menu buttons and system texts in the selected language. You must of course create the content itself in the language you want.

If you want to show the app content in both languages, yes, you create two apps in each language, and then you can actually refer from one app to the other via what we call language versioning.


19. How does the Event App relate to other ConferenceCommunicator modules?

When you use the ConferenceCommunicator registration system to obtain registrations for your event, you can choose whether you want to display the participant list in the event app. The same applies to presenters and exhibitors. You select exactly the personal data you want to display on the participant lists, which is in line with your data policy.

If you use ConferenceCommunicator MødeBooking or MatchMaking, through which the fair visitors can book meetings with the exhibitors or all participants can take part in matchmaking and book meetings with each other, yes, they can book the meetings directly via the event app. And they can see their meeting schedules there.

If you use TaskCommunicator to automate the collection of information and contact data from exhibitors and/or presenters, then you can automatically transfer the submitted data to the event app.


20. How do I ensure that I comply with the GDPR in connection with using the event app?

You must be aware of both the procedural and the technical measures when we talk about GDPR and personal data. We have of course taken the necessary technical measures, such as encryption of email and communication via chat messages. You can also advantageously set up our event system to delete participant data after a certain date that you choose.

We recommend that you only show the participant list in the app if you have actively asked the participants for their consent to this. Either via the ConferenceCommunicator Registration system or via another system. We also recommend that you only display some of the contact data in the list.

We as the data processor and you as the data controller have signed a data processing contract that complies with the GDPR and the Data Protection Regulation.



Do you have questions about the ConferenceCommunicator Event App?

Do you have questions about our Event App or other ConferenceCommunicator modules and functions?

Contact Jeannette Eis on (+45) 424 646 03 or email her at je@attendwise.com. Or click on "Contact us" and fill in the contact form. We will then get back to you as soon as possible.

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