Hold online and hybrid events & conferences with ConferenceCommunicator Live

Hold online and hybrid events with ConferenceCommunicator Live. Show live streams of presentations, plenums as tracks. Engage your attendees with chat, polls and Q & A. Build your live site with countdown live streams for each program point and presentations and promote your sponsors and exhibitors with banner advertising. Control your live event with the ConferenceCommunicator live producer room.


Why offer a hybrid or online event?

For many event organizers, it makes good sense to offer a hybrid event, where both a physical event and a virtual event are held. In this way, you attract both the participants who want to participate physically and the participants who want to participate virtually.

It allows you to attract a larger audience to your conference or trade show with live streams. Either as a hybrid event or only online. As a webinar or as a dedicated online event with interaction and participant involvement.

With the ConferenceCommunicator Live platform, you get advantages such as:

One virtual platform

A virtual platform for live streaming with integrated tools

Participant involvement

Engage and increase participant involvement with Q&A, chat, and polling

Different ticket types

Offer different prices, or one free and one paid, for your physical and virtual event

Restrict online access

Restrict online access to the registered participants with user login

Have an overview of registered users

Have an overview of each physical and virtual participants when you hold a hybrid event

Own branding

Brand your virtual platform with your own colors, fonts, and images

With the ConferenceCommunicator Live system, you get functions such as:

Registration site

Collect registrations for online and hybrid events from physical and virtual participants

Virtual platform

Hold online and hybrid events via one virtual platform with integrated tools

Message system

Send confirmation email to the participants and email with access to user login

Increase participant involvement and engagement

Engage your virtual attendees with event tools like Q&A, polls, and chat

Hold online and hybrid events via one event platform and engage your participants:

Hold your online and hybrid event via one virtual platform

When you use ConferenceCommunicator Live, you hold your online and hybrid event via one virtual event platform. Through this, you show both streams, live and recorded, from your YouTube or Vimeo channel, and you engage and involve the participants with Q&A, polls, and participant chat.

You show the program with a common stream and divided into tracks and sessions and possibly with countdown. You display information and exhibitor and presenter lists, as well as give your exhibitors and sponsors visibility with banner advertising. You manage the posts via the Live administration ("producer's room") and switch between live feed and screen saver.

Engage and involve both your virtual and physical participants

Engage your virtual attendees on the ConferenceCommunicator Live virtual platform with integrated event tools such as Q&A (online questions), Polls (polls) and attendee chat.

If you hold a physical event at the same time, you offer your physical participants the ability to ask questions and participate in voting via the event app. With the ConferenceCommunicator event platform, the questions and the vote are combined into one, regardless of whether they come from the virtual or physical participants.

Have the advantage of a coherent event system

With the ConferenceCommunicator event platform, you have a coherent system with synergy between the various modules and functions. You obtain registrations for your online and physical event via the ConferenceCommunicator registration system.

If you hold a hybrid event, yes, the participants register via the same registration site with a choice of whether they want to participate physically or online. You send different messages to the physical and virtual participants. And you can differentiate the ticket prices. Either with different prices, or where the physical event is free, while your online event has a price, or vice versa.


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