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Get 100% control over registrations with the ConferenceCommunicator registration system

With the ConferenceCommunicator registration system, you get 100% control over your registrations, while also saving time. Your participants can easily register for your event online, and at any time you have a complete overview of those registered, unregistered and possibly those on the waiting list. You can also create table plans, scan the participants on arrival and print name tags. For events such as conferences, employee events, networking events, fairs...

Why collect registrations through a registration system?

If you collect registrations for your event by e-mail communication, then you know it is time consuming. Both with regard to the communication between you and the participants (and your exhibitors), but also with subsequent manual processing.

Use a registration system to automate the registration to save time in your event planning, while maintaining an overview of the registrations. Take advantage of the coherence of the system between the registration forms and other useful features such as a complete messaging system, nameplate templates, onsite printing of nameplates, arrival scanning and table plans.

With the ConferenceCommunicator Registration System you get benefits such as:

Complete registration system

Registration form, payment, seating, name tags, arrival scan

Flexible registration site

Tailor your registration site and collect the participant data exactly as you want

Time-saving and efficient

Save time in your event planning with automation of registrations

Full overview

Keep a complete overview of registered, unregistered and waiting lists at all times

Control personal data

Process personal data in accordance with the GDPR and the Data Protection Act

Own branding

Brand your registration site with your own colors, fonts, images, and possibly own URL address

With the ConferenceCommunicator Registration System, you get access to functions such as:

Registration form

Set up one or more registration forms for obtaining registrations for your event

Confirmation emails

Automatically send confirmation emails to your attendees after they sign up


Invite specific participants to your event via invitation email and link to the registration site

Approve registrations

Approve or reject registrations if you screen your participants for your event

Table planning and team division

Create groups and place your participants in tables or in teams

Name tag

Set up nameplate in the desired format and with fields such as name, title, and company

Arrival scan

Scan the participants on arrival and possibly by track or workshop

Onsite printing of name tags

Print the participants' name tags at the same time as arrival scanning

Hotel and bus reservation

Use the reservation of hotels and buses with the maximum number of seats for an easy overview

Product module and payment

Set up the product module with the prices and payment method you want

What do our customers say about working with us?

Technology is made easy to understand

- Attendwise are good at making technology easy to understand, and they listen to our needs and input. We can easily and quickly get in touch with the team, and we have experienced really good support from day one.

Mette Aarup, Kursuslex

Service and support are top notch

- We are extremely satisfied with the collaboration with Attendwise. Service and support are top notch, and ConferenceCommunicator is very simple and user-friendly and works flawlessly.

Anne Platz Kjeldgaard, Danish HR

Responds quickly to inquiries

- We experience Attendwise as a supplier that responds quickly to our inquiries and input, which is extremely important for us to move forward quickly in our planning of the National Meeting.

Taja Lindby, Danish District Heating.

How much does the ConferenceCommunicator Registration System cost?

Price examples for the registration system (dkk excl.VAT)*:

  •  <   3.000 participants/year: DKK 19.995/year
  •  <   5.000 participants/year: DKK 24.995/year
  •  < 10.000 participants/year: DKK 29.995/year

*Excl. product module/payment solution and onsite printing of nameplates

You can use the ConferenceCommunicator Registration System for several events throughout the year. The price includes free support for a super user as well as unlimited administrator accounts.

We offer a large discount for simultaneous purchase of the Event App via Premium license.

Want to know more about the ConferenceCommunicator Registration System?

If you want to know a little more about what you can do with the ConferenceCommunicator Registration System, read on below. Or are you more curious about our Q & A for frequently asked questions about our Registration System? Then click on See Q & A.

See Q & A


Obtain exactly the participant information you want

With our flexible registration system, you set up and tailor your registration form to obtain exactly the participant information you need. Use text fields, drop-down menus, and radio buttons as well as consent fields.

You can have several different registration sites associated with the same event if you need to obtain different data from your participants and exhibitors.

Send confirmation email and personal email messages

With the ConferenceCommunicator Messaging System, you send participants a confirmation email that they receive automatically after they have registered. Here you write a "Thank you very much for your registration to..." e-mail, and the system also sends the participants' entered information.

You send continuous e-mails from the message system with new information regarding your event, either immediately or with time control for broadcast at certain times. You include the participants' QR code or name tag. You select the participants you want to send e-mails to. Sometimes it is everyone on your participant list, other times it is selected participants, e.g. whether they are registered, unregistered or on a waiting list.

Invite selected participants and make registration easier

You can send personal invitations to selected participants. You simply import your participants and send an email message from our event system with a direct link to the registration form with pre-filled fields such as name, company, and e-mail, while they have to fill in other fields themselves.

Typically, your participants sign up if they want to participate. But if you would like them to actively sign up or unsubscribe, yes, they can either click "Sign up" or "Unsubscribe".

Approve or reject registrations

Via the ConferenceCommunicator registration system, you can screen and approve your participants before they are registered. The participants register for your event, where they get a neutral status.

You screen the registrations and select those you want to register and those you may not wish to reject. You can approve or reject several participants at once via the display of selected registration criteria via the screening method, which makes your work considerably easier.

Place your participants at tables or in teams

If you need to put your participants together at tables or in teams, you can plan the composition via our seating system. You simply create the tables or teams you want and with the number of seats you need.

You then have a complete overview of who is sitting where or which teams they are divided into. You can also transfer the table number to the participants' name badge, and they can also see their table - or team number in their personal profile in the event app.

Set up name tags directly from the event system and print onsite

You set up and generate nameplates directly from the event system with the size and setup you want. As well as automatically transferring fields such as name, title, and company, as well as personal QR code.

You choose whether you want to print the name tags in advance or send them by e-mail to the participants. Or whether you want to use onsite printing of the name tags, where the name tags are only printed when the participants are scanned on arrival.

Scan the participants on arrival and track

Scan the participants' personal QR code on arrival at your event with the event app. If you use onsite printing of name tags, the participants' name tags will be printed out at the same time.

You can check in the participants for the various tracks and workshops. You can also check out the participants when they leave. All you need is a smartphone or iPad to scan. You decide whether you should have staff to scan the participants or whether the participants should check in themselves via self-check-in stations.

Set up the product module and the payment solution as you want

If you charge for your event, you can set up the product module with just the products and prices you need. You might charge one price for day 1 and a different price for day 2. You might also have a product that is dependent on another. Like a dinner that you can only buy if you buy access to day 1.

You associate the payment method you want invoice, EAN invoice or credit card. You can use early bird prices and use discount codes. You receive the direct payment yourself. Attendwise does not handle the payment on your behalf.

Reservation of hotels and buses

With ConferenceCommunicator's reservation module, participants can reserve a bus seat or a hotel room. Or anything else that you need to know the number of.

If you accept payment for your event and want to handle hotel and room bookings through it, you can do so via the product module. You set a maximum number for each element, where a countdown takes place with each reservation. Regardless of whether it is with or without payment.

Easily manage your sign-up site

You set up your registration site exactly as you want it in our administration system. And you keep track of your participants with insight into who and how many are registered, unregistered or on the waiting list.

You create your own registration templates with copying and editing for the next event, and you can create as many administrator accounts as you want.

See the Q & A for frequently asked questions about our registration system

Q & A for ConferenceCommunicator Registration System - Frequently Asked Questions

Many event organizers have the same questions about our registration and event system. Questions that are completely natural to ask as part of your research about the ConferenceCommunicator Registration System can be a solution to your needs. Below we outline the questions and answers that we often receive and give. Maybe you can find answers to some of your questions. If you have any other questions, please contact us...

1. Can I have my own branded registration site with my own colors, image, and logo?

Yes, of course you get your registration site in your own colors and fonts, as well as an image and logo. If you hold several events that have different color expressions, yes, you can simply set up the different colors you want for each event and registration site.


2. Can I tailor the registration site to collect exactly the participant data that I want?

You set up the registration site to obtain exactly the participant information that is relevant for your event. If you hold several events, yes, you will of course adapt each form to each event. There may be a difference in what information you want to obtain.


3. Which participant data and in what way can I collect participant data?

You obtain exactly the participant data that you need. Typically basic information such as name, title, company, e-mail, and telephone number. As well as possibly country, department, industry, and interests. You can also catch up on interests, choices for hotel, food, and transport. You can obtain data in different ways via text fields, ticks, drop-downs, or radio buttons.


4. Can a participant register other participants on their behalf?

You can set up the registration system to be able to handle the registration of several people at once. A participant can register themselves and others at the same time, or a person can simply register others on their behalf. The person chooses who should receive the registration confirmation and possibly the admission tickets (personal QR code) or the name badges.


5. Can I create several different registration sites for the same event?

Yes, you can create and link several different registration forms and registration sites to the same event. In some cases, you need to obtain different information from your participants. As regular participants, students, and VIPs, as well as presenters and exhibitors.


6. Can I copy registration sites - or do I have to create a site from scratch each time?

You can of course copy and edit your registration forms and registration sites, so you don't have to start over every time you create a new registration form.


7. Can my participants first register for the entire event and later register for workshops and tracks?

Yes, you can easily let your participants register with their data and register for the event first, and later give them access to be able to register for a track or workshop via the registration site. After all, you usually only have the program in place later.


8. Can I send invitations to specific people with pre-filled fields?

Yes, you can invite specific participants via the registration and message system. You import the participants with participant data into the registration system and send an invitation email with a link to the participant's personal registration form. You can optionally fill in several fields or immediately click Register.

You can thereby limit registration to specific invitees. You can also invite the known participants at the same time that you also have open registrations.


9. Can I set up the registration site to record whether the participants want to register or unregister?

If you want the participants you invite to make a conscious choice as to whether they want to come to your event or not, you can have two options where they either register with "Register" or "Unregister".

Then you simply import their participant data into the registration system and invite them with a link to the registration site. Here they can confirm their registration or unsubscribe.


10. Can I obtain pre-registrations for approval before they are registered?

If you need to screen the registered participants before a single registration, you can set up the registration system to be able to handle advance registrations. You can even use a quick method to enroll or unenroll many at once, so you have an efficient approval procedure.


11. Can I ensure that consent is obtained to show the participant on a participant list?

Yes, you can obtain an active consent via the registration form, where the participant chooses whether he/she wants to appear on a public participant list. If you also use the ConferenceCommunicator Event App and/or Event Website, you can display the attendee list therein, which consists of only those attendees who are OK with it.


12. How do I get an overview of my participants regarding registration, de-registration, arrival?

Via the administration system, you can at any time form an overview of who and how many participants have registered for your event, and possibly unregistered or are on a waiting list. You can advantageously scan the participants' QR code on arrival and possibly also at the workshop or track. This way you have full status and an overview of your participants.


13. Can I set up products with prices and accept payment?

Yes, via our product module and payment solution you can set up the products and prices you want. You choose whether you want to use your own invoicing system or ConferenceCommunicator's invoicing system. As well as whether you want to use EAN invoice and/or payment card.

You can even generate cash registers in e-economics’, if you use it as a financial system, via our integration module IEX.


14. Does Attendwise receive and handle the payment on our behalf?

No, we don't. Attendwise, as a software supplier of a registration system, is not entitled to handle transactions on behalf of others. Therefore, the organizer himself receives the direct payment.


15. Can I set up Early Bird prices and can I use discount codes?

Yes, you can set up Early Bird prices with a reduced price for a certain date, after which the deadline price will automatically be adjusted up to the price you have set for then. You can also create discount codes with discount prices if you e.g. want to be able to give reduced prices to your business partners. You can even give them limited reduced tickets and then refer them to the regular price.


16. Can my participants choose hotels and hotel rooms via the Product Module?

Yes, you can set up different types of fields with max numbers such as hotels and room types with different prices in the product module and the payment solution. Where there is a countdown when ordering. You can even offer your participants that they may wish to share a room with another participant, either from the same company or another company. They can then invite the other participant to register via a special invitation link. Can I put together table plans based on the registration system - and how?


17. Can my participants reserve bus places, so I know how many are going with the different ones?

Via the registration system's reservation module, you can create buses with a maximum number of seats, whereby the participants can reserve a seat on the desired bus. There is a countdown for each reservation with the removal of the bus when all seats are occupied. And should there be cancellations, yes, the places will be released again.


18. Can I track which business partners provide the most registrations?

If you are several partners collaborating on an event, you can create partner-specific registration links so that you can track who your registrations are from. Here you can see which of your business partners generates the most registrations.


19. Can I put together table plans and groups?

You can create as many tables as you want with the number of participants that can sit at each table. You assign your participants the tables they must sit at based on the participant list. Of course, you avoid double booking. You can show the table number on the participant's name tag and in the event app via the participant's personal profile.

You can also use the function to put the participants together in teams for workshops or for group work.


20. Can I set up nameplates via the registration system and can they be printed onsite?

Yes, you can set up the nameplate in one of the system's templates, or you can design your own template in the desired format. You select the participant information that you want transferred from the registration form to the nameplate, including logo and possibly QR code. You decide whether the name tags must first be printed onsite when the participants arrive, or whether you want to print them in advance or send them as a PDF to the participants.


21. How do I ensure that I comply with the GDPR in connection with obtaining registrations?

There are both procedural and technical measures that apply in connection with the collection and processing of personal data. Be aware of what information you want to obtain and why.

Remember to design your registration conditions correctly. We are happy to provide a template. Set up our event system to delete participant data after a certain date. And then we as the data processor and you as the data controller have of course signed a data processing contract which complies with the GDPR and the Data Protection Regulation.

Do you have questions about the ConferenceCommunicator Registration System?

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