Automate the acquisition of material from exhibitors and presenters with TaskCommunicator.

Save time and streamline your processes when you automate the acquisition of information and material from your exhibitors and presenters via the ConferenceCommunicator module TaskCommunicator. When you replace the endless e-mail communication with your exhibitors and presenters with TaskCommunicator, you make the process easier for both you as an organizer and for your exhibitors and presenters.

Why automate the acquisition of material?

There is no doubt that planning professional conferences and trade shows is time-consuming. One of the big-time wasters is obtaining information and material from the exhibitors. This usually takes place via e-mail communication and manual processing. The same applies to obtaining program entries from the presenters.

It is not only time-consuming for you as an event organizer, but also for your exhibitors and presenters. If you use an event system that is designed to gather information, material, and program, it saves you all time and frees up more time for the valuable tasks.

With TaskCommunicator you get benefits such as:

Automation of material acquisition

Obtain information, material, and program in an automated way.

Flexible process system

Obtain the material you need from exhibitors and presenters.

Time saving

Save significant time by automating the acquisition of material.

Complete overview

Have an overview of delivered and undelivered material from exhibitors and presenters.

Automate the stand booking.

Also obtain the exhibitors' stand bookings directly in the system

Consistency in data

Take advantage of the coherence and transfer of data to other ConferenceCommunicator modules

With TaskCommunicator you get access to functions such as:


Obtain registration for TaskCommunicator via form or import of exhibitor list.

TaskCommunicator site

Set up relevant fields for obtaining information, program, and material.

Automate the process.

Obtain the information from exhibitors and/or presenters before the deadline.

Automatic transfer

Ensure automatic transfer of data to the Event App and Event Website

Replace the manual processes and obtain information from your exhibitors and presenters:

Get just the information and material you need.

You set up your TaskCommunicator site to obtain exactly the information and material that you need. If you need to obtain material from exhibitors, it is typically company description (ad text), logo/product image, exhibitor category and possibly pitch reservation.

If you need to obtain information from your presenters, it is typically abstract/bio and program information. Exhibitors and presenters upload the information directly into TaskCommunicator. Your exhibitors can reuse and edit their content the following year.

Automate the process with deadlines and reminders.

You automate the entire reminder procedure for obtaining your material by associating the deadline for submission, as well as the date and duration of the reminder procedure. You can of course set different deadlines for the different material.

Both you, your exhibitors and presenters have a complete overview of which material has been delivered and which has not been delivered. This process will definitely save you time compared to the often extensive, email communication.

Automate the transfer of information.

When you need to transfer the obtained information to the ConferenceCommunicator Event App and Event Website, the event system does it for you. You simply create an exhibitor list, to which the event system automatically transfers the company description, logo and contact information in the app and web.

The same applies to the transfer of presenter information and program entries. Via TaskCommunicator, you transfer the obtained information to the program and presenter list in the Event App and Event Website.

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