Prices of ConferenceCommunicator Features

ConferenceCommunicator is an event platform with many different features. Therefore, we offer different types of feature-license. You typically start by choosing access to our Registration System and/or our Event App.

Then you have the obtion to select one or more different features in addition. Such as payment solution in addition to the registration system, TaskCommunicator to retrieve materiale from the exhibitors and speakers, Matchmaking software to match participants for meetings and ConferenceCommunicator Live for managing virtual events.

With a license to ConferenceCommunicator you can create all the events in a year you want. And you keep your setup and content for easy copying and editing for the following year. The price varies depending on the choice of feautures and the number of participants you have in one year (e.g. <500; <1000; <2000; <5000;


Price examples

Below we show some price examples of Registration System and Event App. We offer significant discounts on total purchases of the Registration System and Event App. The price of other features is typically between DKK (excludng VAT) 5.000 - 15.000/year. Please do not hesitate to contact us for an offer that suits your specific needs.

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Price examples of Registration System

(DKK excluding VAT)

< 250 participants:  9.995,-
< 500 participants: 14.995,-
<1000 participants: 14.995,-

Price examples of the Event App

(DKK excluding VAT)

< 250 participants:  14.995,-
< 500 participants:  19.995,-
<1000 participants: 24.995,-

Price examples of Registration System & App 

(DKK excluding VAT)

< 250 participants:  19.995,-
< 500 participants:  24.995,-
<1000 participants: 29.995,-