Create relevant meetings between your participants with ConferenceCommunicator MatchMaking

Create relevant meetings between your participants during your event in an easy and automatic way with ConferenceCommunicator MatchMaking. As an extra offer at your conference or as the focal point for your networking event. Offer participants to pre-book meetings with others prior to the event via the matchmaking platform and use the system's Meeting Plan to generate complete meeting plans for the participants and for you.

Why offer business matchmaking for your event?

When you need to attract participants to your conference, your value proposition is often centered around the professional program. But there is no doubt that most attendees also come to your conference to meet other attendees with whom they can network.

If you only leave it up to the random coffee meetings, then as an organizer you are not utilizing the full potential of facilitating the relevant meetings. But with a business matchmaking system you can contribute to unique meetings between the participants. As well as relevant meetings between exhibitors and fair visitors.

With the ConferenceCommunicator MatchMaking system, you get advantages such as:

Complete MatchMaking system

Registration, matchmaking platform, meeting schedule, chat system

Flexible MatchMaking

Set up matchmaking as simple or advanced match as needed

Save time with meeting schedule

Save time by using the system's Meeting Schedule, which distributes the match meetings with times and places

Keep an overview

Have an overview of registered and number of accepted meetings at all times

Keep control of personal data

Process data according to the law and only share contact data with accepted matches

Own branding

Brand your online matchmaking with your own colors and fonts

With the ConferenceCommunicator MatchMaking system, you get functions such as:


Obtain registrations for participation in matchmaking

Matchmaking platform

Offer participants easy match profile creation, search and match agreements

Message system

Send confirmation email, new emails and let participants chat with each other

Automatic Meeting Schedule

Use the system's meeting plan with automatic allocation of times and table numbers

Offer attendees an easy process with ConferenceCommunicator MatchMaking:

Invite for easy participation in online matchmaking

Make it easy for your participants, and possibly also exhibitors, to participate in business matchmaking. Invite them to register for Matchmaking and create a matchmaking profile in the Matchmaking platform with profile description and photo upload, as well as selection of appropriate match criteria. They can also add links to websites and to videos.

Participants search for other participants in the "directory" of created match profiles. They easily find those they want to meet via search by interests, profession, or other criteria. Offer matchmaking via the ConferenceCommunicator Matchmaking platform and/or Event App.


Request and acceptance of meetings directly via the MatchMaking platform

Participants request other participants to meet with a match invitation via the matchmaking system. Participants can either accept or decline the request. If accepted, the participants can start a chat before the meeting. Or they can start by chatting with each other to see if a meeting makes sense.

It is only after the participants have accepted meetings with the others that the participants' contact data is shared between the accepted matches.

Facilitate the meetings with a complete meeting schedule from the system

If you want to facilitate the meetings, where the participants meet in a networking area during your event with tables and numbers set up, then yes, you can use the system's Meeting Plan to your advantage. You just have to decide the time period and the length of the meetings. Eg. at 14.00-16.00, or all day, with e.g. 15 minutes for each meeting.

When you close the period for accepted match meetings, a personal meeting plan is generated for each participant and an overall plan for you. Participants know who to meet with and when. As well as whether there are any participants with whom they themselves must agree to meet.


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