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Give exhibitors new customer leads with ConferenceCommunicator Lead Scanner

Offer your exhibitors an easy way to retrieve customer leads through ConferenceCommunicator Lead Scanner. They scan the visitors' contact information through the ConferenceCommunicator Event App. They collect the leads either to a combined exhibitor lead list per company/organization or individually for each person who scan the leads. They can take notes directly in the app, and they can easily export the lead list. If they have product catalogues or other material, they can send it to the prospects through the lead scanner app.

Why offer Lead Scanner to your exhibitors?

There is no doubt that your exhibitors or sponsors come to your exhibition or conference to bring home new customer leads. With digital collection of leads, exhibitors avoid having to manage several handwritten notes and subsequent execute a manual process. 

When you offer them to save the leads digitally, you offer them a bigger chance of converting the leads to paying customers and create real value for your exhibitors and sponsors.

With ConferenceCommunicator Lead Scanner you obtain advantages such as:

Offer new business opportunities

Offer new business opportunity to exhibitors with digital lead retrieval

Easy access to Lead Scanner

Offer your exhibitors easy access to Lead Scanner through the Event App

Selling access to exhibitors

Make money by selling access to Lead Scanner. Or give access for free

Offer easy export

Offer easy export of the lead list directly from the ConferenceCommunicator Event App

Control the personal data

Share only the necessary visitor contact data with the exhibitors

Platform independent

Offer access to Lead Scanner through the Event App for both Android and iPhone

With ConferenceCommunicator Lead Scanner you get functions such as:

Registration or import of lists

Let the exhibitors register for Lead Scanner or import the exhibitor list

Access through Event App

Exhibitors scan their leads through the ConferenceCommunicator Event App

Targetted information

Exhibitors can send different targeted information to the visitors

Notes and export

The exhibitors can take notes on each lead and easy export the lead list with the notes

Offer exhibitors an easy process with the ConferenceCommunicator Lead Scanner:

Let the exhibitors register for Lead Scanner or import the list

You can invite the exhibitors to sign up for the Lead Scanner feauture through a registration form. You simply send the link to the form to the exhibitors, allowing them to sign up. Or you can import the exhibitor list (CSV. file).

If you also use the ConferenceCommunicator Registration System for visitor registration, the contact information is automatically entered. But if you use another registration system, you can easy import the visitor list to ConferenceCommunicator system.

Give easy access to Lead Scanner through ConferenceCommunicator Event App

Give the exhibitors easy access to scan their customer leads with their smartphone. Android or iPhone. They simply download the ConferenceCommunicator Event App and log into the Lead Scanning feature. They have previously created their user login.

They get access to the built-in QR scanner, from which they scan the visitors' personal QR code, which typically appears on their name badges.


Allow for notes, material upload and easy export

Exhibitors can take notes about each lead directly in the Lead Scanner app and they can export the entire lead list, including the notes. They can retrieve the lead list by sending it to their e-mail directly from the app. Or they can log into the administration system.

Before the exhibition or conference, you can offer the exhibitors to upload their exhibitor material or product catalogs. After they have scanned a lead, they can send the relevant information to the lead.

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