Promote your event with the ConferenceCommunicator Event Website

With ConferenceCommunicator Event Website you promote your conference and exhibition on a fully dedicated website. You show practical information and the program, as well as information about presenters, exhibitors, and sponsors. Your participants register directly to the site, and can e.g., also participate in business matchmaking and booking meetings with the exhibitors.

Why use a dedicated event website?

If you are holding a larger event, it can be advantageous to use a dedicated event website for marketing. Which is also integrated with other event tools such as registration site and program display.

With a "ready-to-use" event website, you don't have to develop your own event website from scratch or promote your event as a small part of a larger organization or company website. At the same time as you take advantage of the connection and automatic transfer of data with other event tools such as registration, event app, matchmaking, and meeting booking.

With Event Website you get advantages such as:

Marketing and branding

Market your event on a dedicated event website with your own colors and URL address

Flexible event website

Build the event website to show just the information that is relevant for your event


Create and send newsletters via the event website and messaging system

Integrated functions

Take advantage of the built-in integrated functions in the event website, such as registration site

Save time

Save time with automatic transfer of information, copying and easy editing

Consistency in data

Transfer and display the program from the event app and participant lists to the event website

With the Conferencecommunicator Event Website you get access to functions such as:

Events Website

Set up your event website with text, images and video via CMS and templates

Integrate more features

Transfer the program from the event app and show the registration site directly in the event website

Show sponsor banners

Promote your sponsors and exhibitors with banners on your event website

Newsletter distribution

Write and send out newsletters via the event website and message system

Set up your Event Website as you wish based on system templates:

Set up your event website based on templates’

You can immediately start building your event website via the ConferenceCommunicator administration system. You build the main pages and subpages that you want with text, images, and icons.

You obtain registration, program, exhibitor lists, participant lists, matchmaking and meeting booking from the other modules and links to video from your Vimeo or YouTube channel. You show news, as well as a countdown to your event and banner advertising from exhibitors and sponsors.

Take advantage of consistency in data from other functions

You utilize the full potential of the ConferenceCommunicator event system when, in addition to the Event Website, you also use functions such as the Registration System, Event App, Exhibitor Meeting Booking and Matchmaking.

You transfer content such as program and exhibitor lists, and display Registration, meeting booking and matchmaking as integrated views on the ConferenceCommunicator Event Website. It saves you time that you don't have to create the content twice.

Create news and send out newsletters

You can create all the news you want on your event website and send out newsletters via ConferenceCommunicator newsletter sending. You either send your newsletters immediately or schedule them to be sent at a specific time.

You can also create a newsletter archive on your event website, where you collect and display all your newsletters.


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