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The benefits of ConferenceCommunicator

ConferenceCommunicator is a digital event platform which works like an all-in-one Swiss Army knife; you have the tools you need, when you need it, to succeed as an event organiser or event planner. ConferenceCommunicator manages everything within marketing, administration, communication and participant involvement.

In short, the benefits are that you can:

  • promote your event and collect registrations
  • increase participant involvement and create engagement
  • communicate with participants via their cell phones
  • automate the collection of exhibitor material
  • match participants through facilitated matchmaking  

Features in our event platform

When you get access to ConferenceCommunicator, you can select the specific features which you need at the given time. As needs arise, you can add new features.

You can choose the following features:

  • Event website
  • Online registration
  • Online business matchmaking
  • Exhibitor appointment booking
  • Exhibitor lead generation
  • Automated collection of exhibitor material
  • Event App (e.g. Conference App and fair app)
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Our clients

We offer our services to any event organisers and event planners. Some needs are in common while others are different.

We are experienced in helping:

  • companies with client and supplier events
  • trade associations with congresses and exhibitions
  • organisations and networks with major trade fairs
  • universities with international academic conferences
  • municipalities with education fairs and business conferences